Watermelon, mint & chili cocktail

Xmas time is cocktail time in Sunny South Africa, and my husband makes a killer watermelon cocktail!

Watermelon, mint & chili cocktail - the perfect drink on a hot day!

First, remove the pips from a big slice of watermelon (for two cocktails, you will need to fill a one-liter bag) and cut into large cubes. Stick the melon cubes (in a tightly sealed plastic bag) in the freezer for at least a couple of hours. In the meantime, prepare the chili syrup by boiling 100ml of water, 100ml of sugar and one red chili fruit (cut down the middle) until the liquid has reduced to about half the amount. Allow to cool.

10 minutes before preparing, take the watermelon out of the freezer (using frozen fruit saves you from using ice and thus diluting the cocktail) to allow it to defrost slightly. In a blender mix the watermelon, 100ml of chili suryp, 100ml of rum and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Pour into cocktail glasses and enjoy!

Even the guys will enjoy this pink drink!


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