Faces of Ibo Island

I am currently taking a portrait photography class, and it is turning out to be more technical than I thought. I consider myself a decent amateur photographer, but realise that most of my really good photographs are more accidental than deliberate… So I am currently devoting a lot of time trying to get my homework right. I am not really into posing people for photographs, and am much more interested in photo-journalism style people photography. However, I guess you still need to know the basics, so I soldier on trying to get my reflectors in the right place and forcing my poor husband to pose in numerous different ways.

Anyhow, in an attempt to cheer myself up a bit I looked back at some (in my mind) pretty decent portraits I’ve taken in the past. These are all from Ibo Island in the north of Mozambique where the kids are still very excited about cameras, and all they want in return for posing is a peek of themselves on the camera afterwards. I wish I could have photographed some of these kids literary squealing with joy from seeing their own image!

Three girls

Girl on her way to fetch water

Hey, check me out!



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