Spicy Yellowtail with baby spinach and crispy chorizo

I’m once again back from a long weekend in our second home in Cape Town. There is nothing like going to sleep listening to the waves, and waking up to a fresh, salty seabreeze! Being by the sea makes me want to eat nothing but fish and seafood, and that is exactly what we did! Close to our place is Kalk Bay, which is host to one of the oldest working harbours on the Cape Peninsula. If you go there just after midday, when the fishing boats start coming in, you are guaranteed a real catch (pun intended).

Kalk Bay Harbour

On this particular day, we chose a nice and plump yellowtail. It has a firm, white flesh that is perfect for stronger flavours. We cut the fish (filleted and deskinned) into cubes and put it in a plastic bag with olive oil and a cajun spicemix for about one hour. Then we panfried it until just cooked through. It was served on a bed of baby spinach that had been lightly sautéed with white wine, cream and garlic, and the dish was topped with slivers of chorizo, fried until crispy.

This dish is exploding with flavour, and thus suited as a started or a light meal. To complete the experience, enjoy with an ice-cold beer.

Bundles of fish for sale


Kalk Bay Harbour

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