Lovely Lemons

I have a new favourite ingredient; lemon zest!  While lemon juice often (but not always) makes a dish too acidic, finely grated lemon zest just adds a lovely freshness and zing. Try it in a salad dressing with olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar; to balance out the spiciness of a chili (con or sin carne), mixed with cream cheese on crispbread for a quick pick-me-up; in the crumble on your apple or berry crumble; or in your lemon and poppy-seed muffin to make them moister and deepen the lemon flavour.

I strongly recommend using organic lemons as much of the pesticides used today get stuck in the skin of the fruit. But even so, make sure you give them a good scrub with a hard brush or even a scotch brite before grating. For best results, use the finest part of the grater so that you almost get a pulp of lemon zest!

The secret ingredient!


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