Juicing it!

Is there a better way to start the day than with a freshly squeezed juice? Personally, I think that a decent juicer should come as standard in the kitchen of anyone who tries to lead a healthy lifestyle without compromising flavour and indulgence! It is the most versatile thing in the world, and tastes delicious.

Apple, carrot and ginger juice: a real health kick!

Mango and pineapple juice: pure indulgence!


Lime and fresh mint enhances almost any fruit or vegetable juice!

A couple of things to think about when juicing are to cut the fruits or veggies just before you are going to make your juice, otherwise they will lose some of their goodness (both flavour and vitamins). Also, use organic fruit and veggies as much as possible but still ensure that you wash them thoroughly. Good juicers can handle the skin of most fruits (those with hard skin such as oranges and pineapple excluded) and a lot of the vitamins actually sit in the skin, so leave it on.

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