Jozi Street Art

Graffiti is generally a sign of urban decay. A clear indication that people no longer respect their city and its buildings and spaces. But when graffiti starts changing into street art, I truly believe that a city has turned a corner. In the words of Graffiti Action Hero:

  • Street Art is constructive, Graffiti Tagging is destructive.
  • Street Art adorns the urban landscape, Graffiti Tagging scars it and accelerates urban decay.
  • Street Art stretches your mind, Graffiti Tagging is a slap in your face.

Having just spent a weekend in Jozi, and been absolutely blown away by the city’s amazing transformation from a crime-ridden, decaying no-go zone into a hip, happening and pulsating space, I though it appropriate to share with you some of the street art I encountered. Johannesburg, Joburg, Jozi, the City of Gold: this place has most definitely turned a corner and the fact that street art is replacing graffiti is but one of the signs of this. Rest assured that this is not the only little gem about this exciting city that I am going to share with you!

Street Art

Street Art

Street Art

Street Art

Street Art


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