A day at the office

Camp's Bay

I have been in cape Town the past few days, among other things to do some research for an upcoming group that I am guiding in Cape Town, the winelands and KZN. Today was the city, and tomorrow will be the winelands. The day stared in posh Camp’s Bay, where you will find the rich and beautiful. The beach is usually packed but I was there early in the morning, hence the lovely and empty beach (nope, I am not a crowd person).

Next up, the Table Mountain cableway. I was not planning on going up, just making sure I know where the groups queue and stuff. just as well given that the mountain was covered in a thick cloud. The weather in Cape Town is pretty unpredictable, and you really never know when this might happen.

Table Mountain

From here, I headed towards Bo-Kaap where the Cape Malay population resides. It is a small village on the slopes of Lion’s Head, with cute little houses in all colours of the rainbow. The majority of the residents are muslim, and scattered amongst the streets are mosques, shops selling exotic spices and street vendors offering fresh samoosas.



Finally, I made a stop at one of the posh seaside hotels where I will be hosting guests. Not a bad day at the office!

The Ambassador


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