A sho’t left to Limpopo

This weekend, the hubby and I took a sho’t left to Limpopo, South Africa’s northernmost province. Sho’t left is taxi slang for “short left” which means “just up ahead” – in other words a short trip. I am going to do some social media work for a little eco lodge set in a beautiful 3,000 ha nature reserve, and needed to familiarise myself with the product. Did I ever tell you that I love my job!?

Mashovela Lodge in the Morning Sun Nature Reserve  is tucked in a valley between a couple of impressive cliffs, that are part of the Soutpansberg Mountains, with a beautiful stream running through the gardens. The nature reserve is incredibly rich in biodiversity, and is also home to some of the most sacred sites for the local Venda people. The main attraction, apart from the peace and quiet – no tv’s, no cellphone reception and only solarpower, are the many nature and culture walks through the reserve with incredibly knowledgeable guides. We did a fascinating birding walk one day, and spent the next discovering the sacred Venda sites and learning more about this people who still live very traditionally and are very superstitious.

I’ll be blogging more about Mashovela shortly on Simply South Africa, but here are some visual teasers:

Venda inspired decor

Venda inspired decor

Beautiful waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls

A thousand-year-old baobab

A thousand-year-old baobab

Mashovela: http://www.mashovela.com

Simply South Africa: http://www.simplysouthafrica.wordpress.com


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