Start the day with bubbles!

Today was a winelands day for my group. We visited 4 vineyards, each with a different character and type of tasting – starting from traditional and ending with wine and chocolate pairing. I usually don’t participate in the tasting as someone needs to be the responsible one that ensures that the 20 odd people get to where they need to be, on time. But this morning we started at Simonsig, home to the oldest Methode Cap Classique in South Africa: Kaapse Vonkel (Cape Sparkle). MCC is using the same method as traditional champagne making, whereby the bubbles are created in the bottle during the fermentation process. There are different ways to blend an MCC but Kaapse Vonkel is made with the classic chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier combination. It is lively, refreshing and simply delicious! So, when the day started with sabrage and tasting of a Kaapse Vonkel I just had to break my no winetasting rule and have a glass!

Simonsig Kapse Vonkel


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