Sweden – a land of contrasts

Sweden is one of Europe’s largest countries by size, but has a population of only 9.5 million. I used to be one of them. Sweden was my home until I was 22 years old, and it will always be my homeland. These days, I selectively visit during what I think is the best time of the year (during summer – luckily also the South African winter) and I have been back every year ever since I left. A lot has happened during the almost 20 years I have been away, and Sweden is no longer the meatball eating, ABBA-listening place many think.

It is a country of great contrasts. In the middle of winter, the sun barely makes it over the horizon and there is but a few hours of daylight (in the far north, it doesn’t come up at all for a few weeks) and in summer a few hours of dusk represent night (again, in the north the midnight sun shines throughout the night). In the 17th century, Sweden was one of the greatest Empires in the region, but since the early 19th century it is a neutral state and Sweden did not participate in either of the World Wars. Swedes are considered to be some of the most independent and individualistic people in the world, yet the crowd mentality is often higher than I have seen anywhere else.

I am going to take you on a journey of my beloved homecountry, and share my favourite places, people and food with you going forward. Stay tuned for beautiful nature, great food and a few surprises!







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