Amasian food!

What do you get if you create a fusion of the best of America and Asia? Amasian food! I recently visited Jay Fu’s in the beautiful university city of Uppsala (less than an hour north of Stockholm), and was blown away. I loved the quirky details, like the Kung Fu outfit at the entrance, the cool menus shaped like fans and the details in food presentation.

Jay Fu's


I started off with The King: grilled and gratinated king crab with guacamole, browned yuzu butter, cucumber and habanero aioli, and my friend had the Tokyo Style Tartare: tuna tartar with avocado, fried shallot, sesame seeds, yuzu and coriander. We both had the suitably named Kungfu Girl with our starters; an American Riesling that stood up well to full flavours. For maincourse, I died and went to umami heaven with the Striptease: grilled strip loin from rangers valley with truffle teriyaki, tempura fried sweetbreads, shitake mushroom, kimchi dressing and roasted cauliflower, and my friend had two more starters; Tempura Fu: tempura-fried wild shrimps, and vegetables with chili-garlic mayo and mandu dip, and Texas Roll: norimaki with grilled foie gras, mango, red onion salsa, deep fried corn tortilla and avocado. I opted for an Australian Shiraz from Sellicks Beach that was smooth and velvety but with enough oumpf to handle the Striptease.

Jay Fu's

Jay Fu's

If you are ever in Uppsala, I really recommend that you try out Jay Fu’s. Granted, it is probably as far as you will ever get from traditional Swedish food but this is such a unique and fantastically executed fusion that it would really be a shame to miss it. The restaurant is located in the heart of the old university area, so you can take a post-meal stroll past the beautiful cathedral and the main university building.

Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral



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