Mauritius calling

I’m off to Mauritius tomorrow! I love this island of picture perfect tropical beaches with crystal clear water, framed by palm trees. But there is so much more to Mauritius than her beaches. The people, made up of an unimaginable mix that reflects the island’s past as a supply and trading station for the Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, French and English; with laborers coming from India, Madagascar and the Africa mainland and “shanghaied” Chinese to mention but a few, live peacefully side-by-side. Their cultures, blended together with a good dose of tropical island lifestyle and abundant sunshine, seafood and fresh fruit have created an amazing culinary spread and a colorful way of life in both language, dress and attitude.


I have been here before. Quite a few times actually, as one of my best friends lives here. She runs an adorable little b&b in a small fishing village on the west coast, but more about that in a later post. I have seen most of the “tourist must-see’s”, like Grand Bay, Port Louis, Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, the 7-coloured sands and Grand Bassin. Some of which are highly overrated. I have also spent plenty of time doing nothing on the beach and on boats, snorkelling and scuba diving. All of which I highly recommend.

But this time, I plan to see Maritius through the eyes of a travel blogger. I want to go back to some attractions, try the street food and the fancy restaurants, enjoy the beach and water sports and meet the people. And I want to document it all here, and on my favourite social media platform all categories: Instagram. So watch this space for a slow journey to the pristine Mauritian beaches and far beyond!



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