My Mauritian hospital experience

I have been a bad blogger… One week on Mauritius and not a single post. But, I do have plenty of material and lots of blogs are coming! Anyway, the first two days I admit to being too hungover to blog. This is all our friend A’s fault. He is our host, and he loves to make rum cocktails (and getting his guests drunk). Mauritian rum is so smooth and delicious (more about this later) that if someone puts it in front of you, mixed with some fresh fruit (say passionfruit) and fresh lime juice you won’t be able to say no. The problem is that A keeps them coming, all night… Then, just as I had worked out a system to deal with this (it is called being sensible), the Flu from Hell struck me. So I spent then next 4 days with fever and cough. But at least a sunchair on a Mauritian beach is not the worst place to take it easy.


Anyway, on day 5 I had enough and decided to find a doctor. My friend recommended the local community hospital. I was sceptic to say the least. In South Africa, you often come out from a public hospital sicker than when you went in… But, she lives here so I figured let’s give it a bash. I arrived, and eventually with the help of some sign language and a kind soul that knew a few words of English, I found the right place. I was signed in; sat in the waiting room; saw the doctor; got my prescription; went to the dispensary and got my meds. All in less than 10 minutes! The cost? Nothing. Even the meds were free AND in the spirit of the island I got lichi flavoured coughmixture!

So now I am hoping for a speedy recovery, and a much more active second week (including blogging)!




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