South Africa is awesome!

The best way to encourage globetrotters to choose South Africa as their prime destination is to get them to truly #MeetSouthAfrica. That is exactly what South African Tourism did when fourteen local and international bloggers (including me) were chosen to explore this enchanted country and all the cultural gems it has to offer.

In a hot air balloon over the Magaliesberg and walking the bustling street where Nelson Mandela lived in Soweto, from luxury hotels and fine dining to marine conservation and our origins as human beings, we explored but a tiny fraction of everything that this weird and wonderful country has to offer. But what an amazing little fraction it was!

The bloggers were split in three groups – the luxury group, the culture and heritage group, and the adventure group. I was lucky enough to be part of the luxury group together with Ishay from Food and the Fabulous, Mei from CC Food Travel, Rob from Stop Having a Boring Life and Mauricio from Aventureiros.

Here are a couple of things I learned that you might not have known about South Africa:

1. Joburg has some kick-ass Igers
2. The African Penguin will be extinct in less than 10 years if we do not stop the rate of decline
3. Modern human behaviour (especially cognitive and motor skills, and spirituality) first evolved right here on the southern tip of Africa

Here are some of the highlights of our journey, captured by cameraman extraordinaire Daddy K and his colleagues:


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