A farm to fork feast at Wickedfood Earth

One sunny spring Sunday, the hubby and I took a drive towards Magaliesberg. Our destination for the day: Wickedfood Earth, an organic farm that rears free range pigs, lamb, ducks as well as dairy cattle and organic vegetables and herbs. We had been invited to a Farm to Fork lunch, centered around the farm’s pork products.

On the shady verandah, some 30-odd slow food enthusiasts gathered at a long table, wine glasses were filled, snacks were on the table and the feast was about to begin.

Farm to fork

Pickled radishes, olives, hummus and labneh

Homemade of course!

Homemade of course!

To start off, we had a selection of pork cold cuts from the farm: a crumbly pork pate; salty coppa; rich brawn; cured loin and to balance the rich and salty selection, a tangy labneh rolled in chili. While we were waiting for the main course, spit-roasted pig that was finishing off right in front of us, a creamy tomato and pepper soup with blue cheese was served.

Farm produce

Farm produce

The brawn was rich and juicy, but I am glad I only found out later that it is made from boiled pig's head...

The brawn was rich and juicy, but I am glad I only found out later that it is made from boiled pig’s head…

The pig had been cooking since 8 that morning, and now it was ready to be served. Mike and his staff expertly removed it from the spit roast and started cutting. I must say, that this is not for the faint of heart…

Almost ready now

Almost ready now

Preparing dinner

Preparing dinner

The roast was absolutely delicious; succulent and crispy served with farm vegetables: creamed spinach, sweet pumpkin and butternut fritters.

For dessert, we were treated to a platter of sweet and tart delicacies: velvety smooth pannacotta, tart lemon curd, sweet guava parfait and a tangy berry ice cream. My table neighbour’s comment summed it up perfectly: “Clearly, there has been something sub-standard with all the desserts I have had before today”.

Heavenly dessert

Heavenly dessert

More than 90% of everything that was served during this lunch was reared, grown and produced on the Wickedfood Earth farm. They also sell their excellent products to the public and organise slow food markets at the farm.

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