Bathroom business

I have a confession to make: I am a Bathroom Snob. I believe that the way an establishment’s (be it a restaurant or a hotel) bathroom looks says more about it than any other area. Even if it is a budget place, I expect the bathroom to be clean and serviced (enough paper, soap etc). In a high-end place, I expect the same luxurious touches as throughout the rest of the experience. If I pay top dollars for a meal or a room, I expect proper hand towels, nice soap and hand cream in the bathroom. Preferably also fresh flowers and other nice touches. Oh, and I personally think that every self-respecting establishment should provide some sort of air freshener in the bathroom. Every!

Bathroom Bliss

Bathroom Bliss


For those of you who regularly read this blog, it will come as no surprise that I am also in favour of locally produced  lotions and potions. During a recent stay at No 5 Boutique Art Hotel in Port Elizabeth, I encountered what has since become my absolute favourite South African body and bath products: Healing Earth.

Perfection at No 5 Boutique Art Hotel

Perfection at No 5 Boutique Art Hotel

Healing Earth, in the words of founder Elisabeth Brandt, was created as an “African brand that is premium, innovative and unique. It advocates a nurturing, conscious approach to beauty based on love for oneself, fellow human beings and the earth we live on”.

Natural ingredients with healing and restorative powers such as marula, baobab, aloe vera, kalahari melon and grape seed are used to create Healing Earth. The products are not tested on animals, contain no petrochemicals, synthetics, colourants, preservatives or parabens and come in biodegradable packaging. Over and above this, Healing Earth supports job creation especially for disadvantaged communities.

Heavenly: Healing Earth (image courtesy: Healing Earth)

Heavenly: Healing Earth (image courtesy: Healing Earth)

My personal favourites are the Pinotage Bath & Shower Gel with energizing ingredients like peppermint, eucalyptus, origanum and marjoram; an excellent pick-me-up in the morning, and the Earth Soul Rythm Body Butter with lavender, pepper, mandarin and rosemary that makes you feel like a queen at any time of the day.

Healing Earth is stocked by some of South Africa’s premium hotels, lodges and spas, such as Singita, Mantis Collection, Wilderness Safaris and Shamwari to mention a few. But you can also create your very own bathroom bliss at home, as many of their products are available at Wellness Warehouse

There are many international brands that produce fabulous bathroom products, but for a complete South African experience local is always lekker!

Naturally nourishing

Naturally nourishing



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