South African Snapshots: no 1

In many countries, 1 December marks the start of the countdown to x-mas and it is often tradition to give a small gift each of these days. I want to do the same thing by sharing little tidbits of South Africa with you.  My Slow Journey’s advent calendar if you like. But I prefer to call it South African Snapshots; one small and lovely piece of this amazing country each day from now until x-mas. Let’s not waste any more time, here comes no 1!

Awaiting your Return, public art Hermanus

Awaiting your Return Hermanus

This beautiful sculpture by Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe forms part of Hermanus FynArt’s public space exhibition Sculptures on the Cliffs which is on display until March 2015. It is a beautiful piece that celebrates the “complexity, vulnerability, dignity and beauty of the feminine”. I also chose this as the first South African Snapshot because I think that public art is so important in a country where the majority of the people otherwise would not have access to art. More about public art in South Africa here.

Awaiting your Return Hermanus


Awaiting your Return Hermanus

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