South African Snapshots: no 15

Noria Mabasa.

One of the most prominent Venda artists, Noria is the Grand Lady of clay pot and sculpture making. Her path towards becoming an artist was ignited by a recurring dream, in which a lady showed her how to make clay sculptures. Much of her inspiration still comes from dreams, and this gives her work a surreal touch. Her current work combines the figurative and the functional; pots often take the shape of the female figure or feature faces.

Noria has a gallery in her home village, Vuwani, which is part of the Ribolla Open Africa Route. Although she also makes beautiful wooden sculptures, I want to share her clay work with you. Most of these images are taken at Leshiba Wilderness, where Noria has designed a complete Venda village around her sculptures. You can read more about Leshiba here.

Venda Noria Mabasa

Venda Noria Mabasa


Venda Village



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