South African Snapshots: no 24


Grafitti contest, Joburg

Public Art.
I know I have said it many times before, but this is such an important medium in a developing country. A lot of people have not grown up with a culture of appreciating art (and I am not talking about arty-farty art now, just the way a society can express itself through words and images). There is also a large part of the population who feel, rightly or wrongly, excluded from the creative community. Public art provides a platform for these people to shout as loud (or whisper as softly) as they’d like, and it is there for everyone to see, interpret and appreciate regardless of age, race, creed or religion. These are some of my favourite public art Instas from the year gone by:


Instagrams from bloggers that have visited South Africa, Indaba


Awesome public art on a fence that only appears at a certain angle, Soweto


Crosses representing votes in a democratic South Africa and the names of children “born free”


Downtown Joburg




A wall for anyone to fill with whatever they like


Street art, Pretoria


The 1994 voting line, Port Elizabeth

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