2014 in pictures

Over the holidays I spent some time reflecting on the year that has just come to an end. At first glance it was a very disappointing year with very few achievements. At least compared to what I had set out to do. But then I started going through my photos from the year and realised that even though some of my hopes and plans had not materialised, a lot of wonderful things happened during the year.

I didn’t have as much (paid) work as much as I had hope to, but I discovered new avenues to pursue;

I didn’t engaged in those social things I had planned to, but I met dear friends from far away and also made some new acquaintances that I value a lot;

I didn’t run a marathon, but I signed up and started training for an ultra in 2015;

I didn’t lose those extra kg’s around the waist, but I didn’t gain any more (quite a feat given how much I ate and drank!);

And most importantly, I travelled lots and experienced so many wonderful things!

Travel Roadtrip Beach Travel Wildlife

Hot air balloon

Nature Nature horse Elephant wildlife Leopard wildlife zebra Grape wine Food Champagne Food photography



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