Responsible drinking the South African way

We all know that South Africa produces world-class wines, but did you know that you can easily spend your whole holiday beverage budget on local, organic, slow and Fair Trade drinks and still enjoy every moment of it? Right now, many of you are probably thinking “forget it; I am not going to drink cheap wine and vegetable juice on my holiday”. But before you discard the idea, take a look at a sophisticated and sustainable traveller’s day of drinking responsibly:

For breakfast, you will most likely have freshly squeezed juice made from the season’s delights. Think sweet mango, melon and peach in summer and zesty citrus, papaya and pineapple in winter. Try a cup of organic Rooibos tea with this; it is distinctly South African, teeming with goodness like antioxidants and tastes wonderful. There are plenty of choices, both directly from the producers (like Khoisan Tea) and from the supermarkets.


With lunch, depending on what your preferences are, go for a crisp white wine or a refreshing ice tea. Stellar Organics produce an award winning range of wines that are both organic and Fair Trade. How about the Green Drake Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc: a crystal clear wine with a green tint; asparagus and floral nose with a pawpaw undertone.  The taste is crisp with pawpaw and minerality on the palate and goes wonderfully with seafood, pork or chicken. For a non-alcoholic choice, I definitely recommend BOS ice tea. This refreshing ice tea comes in a range of flavours like lemon, apple and peach, all with organic rooibos as a base. Oh, and simply by drinking this lovely ice tea, you are contributing towards projects to plant trees in underprivileged and under-greened areas in South Africa!

Stellar BOS

For a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, there is nothing that beats a cup of Bean There Fair Trade coffee. They source the finest single origin coffee directly from the producers and hand-roast the beans in their own roaster. Bean There coffee is available from a range of cafes and supermarkets, but the best way to enjoy it is in one of their super hip and stylish cafes in Cape Town (58 Whale) or Joburg (44 Stanley).

Bean There_cafe

My favourite time of the day is sunset, when the light gets saturated and warm and it’s time for sundowners! What better way to celebrate the end of a wonderful day, and the start of a perfect evening, than with a locally brewed craft beer? Darling Brew makes a great range and there is something for every taste, from the light and crisp Slow Beer to the slightly sweet Bone Crusher Wit Beer and smoky Black Mist. For the less adventurous, an artisan soft drink from Frankie’s should hit the spot. Their range of old-school favourites like Cream Soda and Fiery Ginger Beer don’t only excite kiddies.

Darling Brew Frankies Soft drinks

End the day with a sophisticated and sustainable dinner made from locally sourced ingredients. Reyneke makes the only organic AND biodynamic certified wine in South Africa “allowing nature to be the real maker of the wine and to truly produce terroir specific wines of the highest quality” that complements many South African dishes. The Reserve range is 100% organic, and comes in a deep, textured and balanced Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon blend and a multi-layered and mineral Sauvignon Blanc.

Reyneke wine

Whatever time of day, there is a local and very lekker drink to complement the moment! This was just a little taster (pun intended) and there’s plenty more for you to discover! Really, what can feel better than sipping a glass of your favourite tipple while knowing that this very act is contributing to a better South Africa? That’s a win-win situation if you ever encountered one. Cheers!



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