Falling in love with Reunion

I am on the beautiful island of Reunion right now. This is a little paradise in the Indian Ocean that is part and parcel of France. The best of two worlds really; well organised like a European country and wonderfully chilled like a tropical island! Reunion also has one helluva personality, and I am falling fast and hard for her!

I have been here for 48 hours now, and not even been to the beach yet. Reunion has so much else to offer, and the beautiful beaches are really just there to frame the main act which is adventure and culture. I’ve cooked Creole Cari with a local chef; learned how to make palm leaf baskets; driven straight into mountains that look like they were picked out of a fairytail; and gone on an adrenaline-filled adventure through a canyon (it involved rock climbing, absailing and sliding down vertical cliffs through waterfalls – exactly the kind of stuff that gets my heart pumping!). Oh, and I have drunk rhum! Tropical cocktails, straight up and infused with a dizzying array of fruits and spices!

I am here on a trip organised by Reunion Island Tourism Board We also have a visit to Piton de La Fournaise (one of the world’s most active volcanoes), water-based activities, a vanilla plantation and much more on our schedule. I, for one, can’t wait to continue exploring this amazing island! I promise to tell you about each of the adventures in more detail soon, but here are some pics to give you an idea of my first 48 hours with my new love! Reunion






5 responses to “Falling in love with Reunion

  1. Enjoy your vacation. I know some people who went to that part of the world (Indian Ocean) and they said it was extremely picture-perfect. Enjoy!

    • Good question! I can say please, thank you and order a drink so I get by 😉 But this is a drawback for non-French speaking people, edpecially if you want to do adventure sports where you need proper briefings from the organisers…Apart from that, it’s my definition of Paradise!

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