Streets of Stockholm

The Old Town in Stockholm has, like most other medieval city centres, two sides. There’s the crowded tourist streets, filled with souvenir shops selling anything from genuine handicraft to cheap crap imported from unknown Asian countries, and cafes where you have to pay the equivalent of a small African country’s debt repayment for a crappy lunch. Then there are the narrow alleyways, away from the hustle and bustle, where life goes on amidst ancient buildings and green parks.

I love getting lost in these areas (oh trust me, you will get lost – I’m really good with directions but it usually doesn’t take more than 3 turns on these cobbled alleys for me to have lost all directions) and just see where the city will take me. The facades never cease to amaze me, with their earthy and pastel coloured walls, old street lamps and interesting street names. Here are some of the pictures I have taken on my many visits to the lesser known parts of Stockholms Old Town.

Stockholm Old Town

Stockholm Old Town

Stockholm Old Town

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