These boots were made for walking

To me, hiking is a way of slowing down both physically and mentally. The motion of putting one foot in front of the other is almost meditative. The pace gives you enough time to see the little things, and a chance to let your mind stop racing. Hiking brings you close to nature, and allows you to fill your body and your soul with fresh air and energy. Whether it is in the deep, Swedish forests, the hot African savannah or high in the mountains; this is one of my happiest places. My husband and I share this passion, and he even proposed to me during a hike – high up in the Drakensberg mountains where the views felt like they stretched until the end of the earth.

At this point in time, hiking is high on my agenda. I’ve just returned from Sweden, where we followed an ancient Pilgrimage route for two days; right now I am on a hiking journey with a good friend who is just starting her love affair with her boots; in less than two weeks I’ll be doing a 5-day hike through Fish River Canyon (the world’s second largest canyon); and later in the year I will be guiding a 3-week hiking tour through various wonderful locations in Southern Africa. So expect lots of hiking blogs coming up!

I am writing this post at a lodge deep in the Swazi mountains, with hippos grunting by the dam below. We’ve just returned from a beautiful but hot hike through a nearby nature reserve where we spotted eland, black wildebeest and blesbok and were captivated by amazing views. After a hot shower, my body is now truly at ease. But for now, as time and wifi are precious commodities when you are trying to conduct a desk job at the side of a hiking tour, here are some pics that will make you want to lace your boots up!








6 responses to “These boots were made for walking

  1. Oh my! Such stunning pics! I’m falling in love with hiking too – it seems like such a great way of discovering beautiful places with an “I earned that view!” sort of a feeling. 🙂 Happy hiking!

  2. I agree with Ami about the feeling coming out of your pictures. Besides, your hikes really show us how much more we can see from a country or an area by using our feet instead of a car or public transportation, especially when you can reach remote places. I’ll be expecting your many blogs about hiking in the coming months !

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