The eve of something amazing

I’ve spent the weekend juggling work and training for next weekend’s marathon with some r&r. Work is going great (I mean, who can complain when it involves eating at really nice restaurants for research purposes?!). The marathon, well not so great. I’d say that I am more ready for a half, so it will be a Matter of Mind next Sunday… But the views on my 16k run today were amazing!

Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town

But I am, oh so excited tonight! Tomorrow will see the launch of a new venture that I am very proud to be involved in. Influence Tours is a new tour operator that offers premium tours in South Africa, working only with partners (hotels, restaurants, vineyards and so on) that are serious about sustainability. Influence Tours will invest all (yes, ALL) profits into charity and development in South Africa! We’re starting out small, with only a few tours, but plan to offer much, much more for the 2016/17 season!

Influence Tours

I am proud beyond belief to set off on a whirlwind trip that takes in the essence of Influence Tours together with four Swedish journalists and Influence Tours’ Marketing Manager tomorrow morning. Not least because I’ve been the one developing these itineraries! To say that this is my Dream Job is an understatement.

Influence Tours will donate their profits to an initiative in Philippi/Nyanga called Township Roots. It is a literacy-based initiative that aims to help township children develop a love of learning and, by extension, to find a way out of the circle of poverty. It is founded and run by young people from the township, and I think this is what will make the biggest difference. Influence Tours will help local people find own solutions to their problems, and implement them with a long-term commitment.

Township Roots

Over the next few days, I am going to share this first Influence journey with you. Follow along and find out why I am so excited!


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