Roadtrip time!

I’m going on a roadtrip! And not just any roadtrip; one that will take me to vineyards, beaches, nature reserves and townships, and where I will hike, horseback ride, eat, drink and watch the sun rise and set in beautiful places. Sounds perfect? It isn’t. It’s more than perfect! Because each and every place that I will visit on this roadtrip is a place that operates according to responsible tourism principles; meaning that they all contribute to a better South Africa while creating amazing holidays!
I’m going on a Responsible Tourism Roadtrip! #RTroadtrip
IMG_1338 2
When Dee (from The Good Holiday) and I visited De Hoop Collection’s Melkkamer earlier this year, the Overberg casted her magic spell that forever lures you back. We agreed to a return visit first week of December and that we’d try and do at least two road trips together each year, so more places could enchant us.
When Gansbaai won Gold for Best Destination at the World Responsible Tourism Awards there was no question: My Slow Journey (Silver at  African Responsible Tourism Awards) and The Good Holiday (Gold at  African Responsible Tourism Awards) had to share this wonderful achievement with the world and fellow South Africans. We also decided that this first #RTroadtrip should set a great benchmark for communicating what lies at the heart of Responsible Tourism and how it enriches the traveller AND the destination.
Follow my and Dee’s first #RTroadtrip here on My Slow Journey, and on social media:

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