A confession to Air France

Dear Air France

I would like to commend you on the lovely blankets that you provide for your passengers’ comfort. Mine certainly helped break the chill of the a/c during the night flight from Johannesburg to Paris 26-27 April.

However, I also have a confession to make. I had packed for spring in south of France, and did not expect to arrive in an icy cold Paris… When the pilot informed us that it was an underwhelming 1 degree outside, I panicked… How was I supposed to deal with this kind of cold in my thin spring jacket??? My eyes fell on the soft fleece blanket, and I would like to call it an act of survival. I borrowed your blanket. Please be understanding and note that I have every intention of returning it to you when I fly back to Joburg June 17.

In the meantime, you may be interested to know that this blanket is immensely versatile. I have only been its custodian for less than a week, but it has already been put to an astounding variety of uses.

Air France Blanket-4

It’s the perfect size to be used as a scarf in cold weather, either during walks in the vineyards of souther France or on open-top bus tours of cities like Paris and Bordeaux…

Air France Blanket-3

… or as a shawl when the wind in even colder (or slightly rainy) conditions. Especially useful to lend to smokers on late nights at fine restaurants!

Air France Blanket-2

It makes for a fine, stylish shawl!

Air France Blanket-1

And it softens hard seats for friends with pelvic instability (also helps to keep your bum warm on the occasional tour of cold places with stone benches, like underground churches in St Emilion!)

I am now heading out on an epic hike to Santiago de Compostela, and the blanket will be with me every step of the way. As a token of my appreciation (or perhaps that should be “to ease my bad conscience for lending it without permission”), I will continue to update you on the wide range of uses this blanket can be put to and the adventures it will experience. I will post updates on this blog, and on Twitter using the #AirFranceBlanket

Best Regards

The biggest fan of your blankets

Air France Blanket-5

The blanket is by now an essential part of my backpack in which I will keep all my worldly possessions during my 1-month hike along the Camino de Santiago!



One response to “A confession to Air France

  1. Hahaha! Such a funny post, thanks for sharing (I had a similar experience with the Delta Airlines blanket when going to NYC beginning of March, but haven’t thought of so many great uses!!). I hope you had a great time in St Emilion (church AND especially vineyards), I was there 2 years ago and this place remains one of the most beautiful vineyard county I’ve been given the chance to see, ever! Everything is so clean and lean there, and the village being made entirely of stones is incredibly pretty! Enjoy Europe, and I personally think you should keep the blanket as a souvenir (Air France has plenty of them anyway!!)

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