The ultimate lunch on the beach

There are few things I like better than sipping a glass of cold bubbly while the sun is shining and the sky and ocean compete for showing off the best hues of blue!


This was the start of a long-awaited and much anticipated lunch at Wolfgat in Paternoster. I must admit to being a bit of a slow food nerd who gets weak at the knees at the sound of words like “indigenous”, “locally sourced” and “foraged”, and all of these are mentioned in the description of this place.

High expectations are dangerous though, as they so often translate into disappointment (as a general rule, I live my day-to-day life in South Africa according to the principle of “expect nothing, and get positively surprised once in a while”). But at Wolfgat, I experienced the opposite: all of my very high expectations were exceeded. Maybe it was the view and the sunshine, maybe it was the slight tipsiness that follows from drinking bubbles in the sun, maybe it was the fabulous company (my wonderful hubby of course), maybe it was the excellent service, but most likely it was the fantastic, innovative, fresh and absolutely scrumptious food, presented like little pieces of art so pretty that you almost didn’t want to tuck into it.

Chef Kobus van der Merwe takes his inspiration from the indigenous people that once inhabited the coast, the weather, and the season. Some menu items have been collected fresh that morning, others have been prepared for long periods. Expect to find lots of seafood and other interesting things from the ocean and nearby dunes on the menu, combined with delicacies from the surrounding area like venison and, of course, wine from the region. Feast your eyes!


Table for two


Freshly foraged limpets in their own shell


Tetragonia decumbens: mussels, herrenbone & dune spinach


Eriocephalus africanus: kapokbos-smoked oyster, coconut & dune celery


Mesembryanthemum guerichianum: snoek, tomato & soetslaai


Tubaghia violaceae: wild garlic masala angelfish


Where the magic happens!


Chef’s secrets



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